Brantford Film Group

The Brantford Public Library is pleased to promote art and culture in the City of Brantford and feature movie listings for the Brantford Film Group. The films screened by the Brantford Film Group are selected through the TIFF Film Circuit.
Spring 2018 Schedule      
Brantford Cineplex / 7pm screenings
Tickets sold one half hour before screenings.
Members $9 / Non-members $11 / 2017-18 membership $10

Bombshell: Hedy Lamarr Story 
Thursday, April 12

In addition to her extraordinary achievements, the bare facts of Hedy Lamarr’s life are the stuff that fascinating Hollywood movies are made from: born in Vienna, Austria in 1914, into a well off, highly cultured Jewish family; later a daring and successful European teen film star; then  the wife of a munitions tycoon with ties to Hitler and Mussolini whom she fled on the eve of Hitler’s invasion into Austria, subsequently discovered by Louis B. Mayer and then signed on by MGM;  then a Hollywood siren playing alongside such screen idols as Jimmy Stewart, Clark Gable  and Spencer Tracey. Six times wed Hedy Lamarr was considered by many the “most beautiful woman in the world”. 
Nonetheless Hedy repeatedly said that her beauty was “her curse.”  During WW11, outraged by the German U Boat torpedoing of an Allied ship with 83 school children, Lamarr, along with a composer friend, George Antheil, invented “frequency hopping”, a technology that would provide the Allies with the capability to aim at enemy U Boats with deadly accuracy.  However blinded by Lamarr’s glamorous image, the US navy rejected her invention. Years later, she and Antheil were credited with the creation of this revolutionary wireless technology that is the basis of modern communications: GPS, wifi, cell phones and military satellites etc.
Hedy Lamarr was truly a bombshell both on and off screen, as writer and producer Alexandra Dean attests in this bombshell documentary.
1 hour 30 minutes               American biography, documentary               PG13

Tulipani: Love, Honour and a Bicycle
Thursday, April 26

In this lively cross-cultural, decades-spanning yarn, Anna (Ksenis Solo) a young Italian Canadian travels to her mother’s hometown in Puglia, Italy in order to scatter her dead mother’s ashes.  Neighbors there reveal Anna’s true parentage through their animated and often exaggerated story telling.
After losing his farm in a catastrophic flood in Holland, Anna’s biological father Gauke, (Gijs Naber) cycles to Italy, charms the villagers, grows tulips there and through hard work and determination, becomes a highly successful tulip exporter, all for love of Anna’s biological mother. However how could Gauke’s business ventures survive his inevitable confrontation with local Mafiosi extortionists?
Set in a rustic Italian backdrop with vibrant colours, director Mike van Diem’s Tulipani is a magical cinematic bouquet designed to delight its viewers.
1 hour 30 minutes                     Dutch comedy/drama
                                                  Dutch, English and Italian languages

Death of Stalin
Thursday, May 10

In writer/ director Armando Iannucci’s witty and sometimes savage satire, the Kremlin of 1953 is a powder keg of backstabbing and treachery, where Members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party fend off daily both political and physical peril. On a good day, they might be promoted; but on a bad day, at the whim of Russia’s notorious tyrant, Josef Stalin (Adrian McLoughlin), they may be denounced and hauled off to a gulag or even executed. When Stalin dies suddenly, members of his inner circle react with both absurdly insincere “grief” and ruthless double dealing as they jockey for power. Cleverly cast, Stalin’s courtiers and sycophants include: Steve Buscemi as General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev, Michael Palin as Foreign Affairs Minister Vyacheslav Molatov, Jason Isaacs as war hero General Zhukov, and Simon Russell Beale as secret police chief Beria. Iannucci expertly slides into the classic Soviet era mode of subversive satire, enlivening it with his own slippery gags, as his characters kick up their heels in an hilarious but outrageous “troika of power, incompetence and bad faith” within 1953’s Kremlin. Join us to admire their fancy footwork!

1 hour 47 minutes                  English / comedy, history, drama

Thursday, May 17