The Brantford Public Library makes it easy!

Your book club can borrow multiple copies of one book together in a Book Club Bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Book Club Bag
    A book club bag consists of 10 copies of a book and in some cases 10 copies of a book and 10 copies of a DVD of the same title packaged in an easy to carry cloth tote bag.
  2. Who can borrow Book Club Bags?
    Book club sets can be borrowed by any local book club. The Book Club Bag will be checked out on the Brantford Public Library card of the person picking up the bag. That person assumes responsibility for the bag and its contents.
  3. What titles are available as a Book Club Bag?
    See the complete BiblioCommons list of Book Club Bags.
  4. How can I reserve Book Club Bags in advance?
    Consult the Availability Calendars first to see when your chosen titles are available: When you have chosen your titles and the available dates, fill out the booking form to reserve your selection.
  5. Where can I pick up Book Club Bags?
    Book Club Bags will be held behind the circulation desks at the Main library and at the St. Paul branch. Please specify your desired pick-up location when you reserve the Book Club Bag.
  6. How long may I keep a Book Club Bag?
    The loan period for a Book Club Bag is 6 weeks. The return date will be set when you reserve your Book Club Bag and it must be returned by that date regardless of when you pick it up. It is important to return all books in a Book Club Bag on time as other book clubs may have reserved them.
  7. Can I renew a Book Club Bag?
    No. Book Club Bags cannot be renewed in order to ensure that the set is available for use by other book clubs.
  8. Where can I return Book Club Bags?
    Book Club Bags must be returned to the circulation desks at either the Main library or the St. Paul branch. Book Club Bags MUST NOT be put into the Book Drops.
  9. What is the late charge for books in a Book Club Set?
    The late charge is 25 cents per day per book or DVD.
  10. What is the charge if one of the books or DVDs is missing?
    A flat rate of $15.00 will be charged for each missing item.