Brantford Public Library Vision Statement

A city where citizens are successful, creative and inspired.

Brantford Public Library Mission Statement

Connecting the community to information, partnerships and place.

Principles and Values:

  • We believe in intellectual freedom.
  • We believe in access for all.
  • We will treat everyone with courtesy and fairness.
  • We will be efficient and effective in all we do to provide quality service in a welcoming environment.
  • We will be innovative and timely in our response to technology and the information needs of our community.
  • We will work in partnership with other organizations to further the Library's mission.

      - Approved by the Brantford Public Library Board on 19 April 2012.

We invite your comments on our performance in relation to these goals.

Library Board Members

  • Nancy Church (Vice Chair)
  • Caroline Freibauer
  • Kathryn Goodhue (Secretary-Treasurer)
  • Josie Heath
  • Councillor Larry Kings
  • Penny MacKenzie
  • Craig Mann
  • Marion McGeein (Chair)
  • Councillor John Utley
  • Bob Wyatt

Management Team