Brantford Public Library Vision Statement

A community connected through innovation, discovery and creativity.

Brantford Public Library Mission Statement

Brantford Public Library provides free access to information, ideas and opportunities for discovery, and spaces in which to use and share them. Our expertise and services are accessible and help empower the citizens of Brantford. 

Principles and Values:

  • We believe in intellectual freedom.
  • We believe in access for all.
  • We will treat everyone with courtesy and fairness.
  • We will be efficient and effective in all we do to provide quality service in a welcoming environment.
  • We will be innovative and timely in our response to technology and the information needs of our community.
  • We will work in partnership with other organizations to further the Library's mission.

      - Approved by the Brantford Public Library Board on May 2017.

We invite your comments on our performance in relation to these goals.

Make a Donation

The Brantford Public Library is a registered charity and accepts donations. 
These donations will be used to enhance the quality of Library services.
Donations can be made by calling the Library at 519-756-2220 or through the secure Brantford Public Library listing on the website. 

Library Board Members

  • Marion McGeein - Chair 
  • Caroline Freibauer - Vice Chair
  • Josie Heath
  • John Morrissey
  • Matt Reniers
  • Karen Towler
  • Councillor John Utley
  • Councillor Joshua Wall
  • Gladys Woodburn

Management Team