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Maker Fest: Think It, Create It!

Maker Fest: Think It, Create It!

Oct. 20th, 11:00 - 4:00pm

Want to see robots, learn about 3D printing and Maker culture?
This event will feature demonstrations of the Library's Maker materials, plus exhibits and activities with BotFeeder, Six Nations Polytechnic STEAM Academy, Brantford Collegiate Institute and both the Grimsby and Whitby Public Libraries.

Kids, adults and entire families can get exposed to maker opportunities and new ways to be creative at this drop-in event. 

We promise - You will be inspired!

Urban Farming Series: Saving Seeds Workshop

Urban Farming Series: Saving Seeds Workshop

Oct. 23rd, 6:30 - 7:30pm

Ever dream of having your own farm but can't afford to live in the country? There are many ways that you can have a small backyard farm. Join us for this 3-part series on Urban Farming where you will find out how to save seeds, keeps chickens and produce honey. 

Programs in this series include: 

City Chickens: How to keep poultry in the city 

Presented by Joanna St. Jacques, a member of the Brant County Poultry, Pigeon & Pet Stock Association. 

Saving Seeds Workshop

Presented by Andy Tonkin of Equal Ground Community Gardens. 

Beekeeping: Taking care of our pollinators

Presented by Kari Raymer Bishop of Bishop Family Bees. 

The Thinking Place: A Lunchtime Speaker Series

The Thinking Place: A Lunchtime Speaker Series

Oct. 24th, 12:30pm - 1:00pm

Every week will feature a new speaker and perspective on a topic of interest in the community, with opportunity for discussion to follow.

Upcoming speakers include:
October 10 – The Renaissance Quartet, Survival Skills for a String Quartet
October 17 – The Ontario Paranormal Society, Tales of Paranormal Investigation
October 24 - Steve Bredschneider, Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
October 31 - Jacques Pauwels, Images of War

November 7 – Heather McNally, Discover Brantford Municipal Airport
November 14 - Tarah Brookfield, Our Voices Must Be Heard
November 21 - Michelle Davis of Tweed Farms, Medicinal Cannabis
November 28 - David Neumann, Brantford: Taking the Long View

Fail Game Day

Fail Game Day

Nov. 4th, 2:00 - 4:00pm

Have you ever played a game and thought it was missing something? What would you do to make it better?
Some games just fail at being the ‘perfect’ game and we want to teach you how to change that!
Join us for our family “Fail Game Jam” where we take a look at some of our favourite games and we work together to make them better. 
Workshop will be led by Laurier Game Librarian, Michelle Goodridge.

In partnership with the Laurier Library and the WLU Game Design and Development Program. 

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